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SATAjet Ruiskut

SATAjet X 5500 Future RP 1,2 mm Ilman Digi I suutin

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The SATAjet X 5500 FUTURE is unique and limited. Available from your participating SATA dealer from September 13, 2022, while stocks last.

Green is more than just a colour to us.

The green SATAjet X 5500 FUTURE is not only a reference to nature, it is also a symbol for harmony and hope and especially for the future! We are striving for a sustainable and connected future that makes the most out of the potentials of the digital transformation.

The globe-shaped circuits on the spray gun represent the technology which is connecting people and thus enables the globalized world of the future. The radiant green colour with the black components not only looks harmonious, it stands for aligning our actions with sustainability and the preservation of nature.

Product Benefits

  • Revolutionary: The atomization of the X nozzles sets new standards
  • Noticeably quieter: Whispering nozzle due to optimised flow geometry
  • Precise: Optimised material distribution for enhanced spraying uniformity and atomisation with both spray fan shapes
  • Low maintenance: No air distribution insert required
  • Consistant: Constant fan size across the entire nozzle spectrum with linear increases of the material flow rate
  • Efficient: Considerable material savings with the same application method
Technical Information – RP
Air consumption 290,0 Nl/min
Max. inlet air pressure 10,0 bar
Packaging unit 1,0 Pieces
Net weight 0,113 - 0,860 kg
Recommended air inlet pressure 2,0 bar
Recommended spraying distance 17 - 21 cm
Cup connection type QCC
Nozzle Size meillä 1,2 I suuttimella 1158981
Nozzle Technology RP
Color Code System (CCS)
Quick change
Compatibility with SATA RPS - multi-purpose cups
SATA adam compatibility
Premium warranty capable
Integrated pressure gauge
* All information without guarantee - errors and changes reserved.
** All data refer to the entire product range and not to individual variants.
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